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Two months have passed since EA Sports has presented, with a very spectacular and fascinating video, the new title of the world's best selling soccer slogan: FIFA 18 . On that occasion, all the rumors regarding the choice of the testimonial, which in the preceding weeks had generated hypotheses, fake news and various rumors, were silenced.

He thought he could be Tottenham's Dele Alli as well as Marco Reus's assertion or even Neymar's "tear" at Konami, despite the Japanese rival PES producer having an exclusive deal with all of Barcelona. Nothing about this. In the end you decided to go safe, simply choosing "The Best free coins in FIFA 18", the best.

Already, EA Sports for his image man has decided to put everything on the winner of the last Golden Ball and in FIFA Cristiano Ronaldo is awarded the best award and if you want to have him just get him with fifa 18 coins hack . And the face of the Portuguese on the cover of the videogame is just the first of many novelties in store for all fans who can not wait to try it. Here's everything you need to know, starting with FIFA 18 , going for all the innovations you've made until you reach FIFA 18 .

When does FIFA 18 come out?

But when does FIFA 18 free points come out ? The question has been answered a long time ago, as advances from previous weeks have been confirmed on the day of the first official video presentation. The official release date is in fact fixed on Friday 29 September 2017, with the possibility of booking directly from the official website of EA Sports.

When it comes to FIFA 18 ultimate team hack however, there is a question that can be answered more frequently, as for users who decide to pre-order their online copy of the editions "Ronaldo Edition" and "Icon Edition" (we will discuss this in the next paragraph) the game will be given 3 days in advance, then on September 26, 2017.

As for Xbox One owners who are subscribing to the EA Access service, instead, there will be a chance to play FIFA 18 as early as September 21, though only for a ten-hour trial. Three different options, in short, to start playing the new title of EA Sports and also try to take a small advantage over your friends.

Thanks and play the game